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SFREC Member shares his experience with EHR

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SFREC Member shares his experience with EHR

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Digital technologies entered all spheres of our life. Even if you seem to use technologies rarely enough, take a deep look at your life, assess what you do every day, and you’ll notice that your life is digitalized enough. Laptops, mobile phones are essential devices in ordinary life. Certain areas just can’t do without technologies, and healthcare is one of them. But having the technology doesn’t guarantee knowing how to use it properly. For example, many students know about the existence of academic writing services; however, not all of them resort to their help in critical situations. That’s why we all need some guidance on how to use new technologies. SFREC is the organization assisting with health information technology, and it’s the structure of any sphere besides health care needs. And the guidance on using online paper writing services is essential to help students understand how and when using online assistance is ok.

Health care is a subject of all hot debate. Sure, it is crucial to stay happy and be healthy at the same time. But a lot of people still feel that they don’t receive proper health care. However, there are places where patients will get good services. Take The South Florida Regional Extension Center, for example. It has the best staff you can possibly think of, and state-of-the-art technology, as well. Also, the patients seem very satisfied with the quality of treatment they’re getting there. You could also make a lasting effect on the lives of others by trying to start and promote courses. By developing an online learning course, you will educate many people on the importance of health care. Your audience will come from different corners of the world, maybe even from places you’ve never heard of before. That’s the magic of online courses. People come together and create a learning community they can stick to for years. Even if you start slowly, in time, your online course just might get the attention it deserves! It all comes down to your ability to improve.

Providers & Professionals

  • Find out the very latest information about Meaningful Use (MU)
  • Privacy, security and electronic health records (EHRs)
  • Transitioning to EHRs ? what you need to know and the steps to successful completion
  • Why adopting EHRs matter to the Health Care Provider Community, their Patients and Stakeholders
  • Learn about the many services and ways that SFREC can partner with you including exciting new initiatives on the horizon

Patients &

  • What is Health Information Technology (HIT)?
  • What are the benefits of Health Information Technology to patients and families?
  • Other types of e-health tools ? for consumers and communities to understand and improve health
  • Ensuring the security and privacy of your health information and personal health records
  • Discover how to be more involved and an equal partner in your own health care

Policy Researchers & Implementers

  • Stay updated on the current and proposed federal and state laws, rules, regulations and policy statements governing health care
  • Don't miss regulation deadlines!
  • View the latest health care policy briefs and health care delivery and systems research
  • Discover the newest trends, cutting edge innovations and health care resources available
  • Network with state and national policymakers, researchers and innovators