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SFREC and CODESMART GROUP present an ICD-10 conversion solution:


The CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY medical coding program is designed to prepare current coders, new coders entering the field, and clinicians with a strong foundation in coding with the skills to code using ICD-10 guidelines. We also provide role based training on a customized basis for the entire healthcare organization.

This well-rounded curriculum is extremely comprehensive and robust. The courses were designed by the top educational course designers in the country to give each student an interactive and complete educational experience. The graduates of CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY will be immediately prepared to take on the challenges of ICD-10 coding. Research shows that CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY’S ICD-10 content has the most content and learning materials in the industry. This program is truly gold standard for education in coding.

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Why Choose CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY for your ICD-10 education?
Earn CME Credits

Physicians and nurses who complete the ICD-10 course will be qualified to earn CME credits through CODESMART UNIVERSITY.

Learning at your own pace, your own style, your own schedule!

No matter what your method of learning is, we've got you covered! CODESMART ™ UNIVERSITY offers instruction in all learning styles to insure our students truly understand the material on a mastery level.

  • Auditory learners
  • Visual learners
  • Tactile/kinesthetic learners
  • Easy to navigate for all levels of computer ability
  • Social media communities on LinkedIn and Facebook to create on-line cooperative learning communities
  • Graduates of CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY are well qualified to sit for the ICD-10 coding certification exam offered by the industry’s leading certification organizations.
  • Robust curriculum for ICD-10 geared to accomplishing the learning objectives.
  • Very strong Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Medical Terminology content (over 200 hours). (No program equals the rigor of the CODESMART™ curriculum)
  • Performance based learning, comprehensive learning experience.
  • Interactive-professors - subject matter experts in each subject area - interfacing with students on-line. ( Unique to CODESMART™)
  • Existing Coders
  • Clinical Documentation specialists
  • Clinician ICD-10
  • New Coders
  • Customized role based ICD- 10 training for all departments

Many physician practices both small and mid-sized will need financial assistance during the ICD-10 transition, as many either may not have the financial resources to pay for their ICD-10 transition or may have a cash crunch during implementation, especially if they have many claims being denied because of inaccuracies during the implementation of ICD-10 in its beginning.

PNC Bank and its health care division nationally are offering special finance options exclusively for CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY physician practice customers. PNC Bank is providing access to financing, lines of credit, and other banking products to help physician practices and other providers with the transition to ICD-10 whom are bank customers and also potential new customers.


According to FORBES Magazine and the Department of Labor, Medical Coding will be the fastest growing profession. Due to ICD-10, there will be a shortage of over 500,000 coders. CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY recognizes that veterans are great candidates for ICD-10 medical coding because of their past training, aptitude, and discipline. Many coders can also work remotely. There is an opportunity to help put veterans to work in the ICD-10 coding industry which desperately needs new talent. CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY is recognized as the top on line education program in the ICD-10 coding field with our interactive features and live professors to help students meet their learning objectives.

As a certified ICD-10 coder, Veterans can earn starting salaries in the range of $60,000 according to Forbes. In addition, since training and working can be done at home, this is a great opportunity for wounded warriors, disabled vets or stay at home parents.


How many Veterans do you want to help put to work? The cost of educating a veteran is $4,000 per student. You can decide how many you would like to help by donating to the scholarship fund, Educate-A-Vet.


The CODESMART™ GROUP is a national ICD-10 company providing solutions across the coding and revenue cycle continuum. CODESMART™ GROUP contains the largest panel of ICD-10 certified trainers in the US. They are the only company in US offering online ICD-10 training, full ICD-10 transitional consulting, out-sourced coding and audits, under one roof.

  • CU is endorsed as the ICD-10 training solution of choice by HIMSS nationally.
  • CU is endorsed by the South Florida Regional Extension Center
  • CU is endorsed by the Central Florida Regional Extension Center
  • CU is endorsed by all Florida Regional Health Planning Councils
  • CU delivers ICD-10 seminars for the South Florida Health and Hospital Association
  • CU is endorsed by the State of Florida educational system.
  • CU is endorsed by the entire State University of New York Educational system.
  • FIU has incorporated CU program into their Masters in Healthcare Informatics degree program because of the high quality of this educational program.
  • CU is endorsed by VCP, a government and military specialist company
  • CU is endorsed by SUNY Binghamton’s Watson College for Women Veterans.
Why you should begin your ICD-10 Training today

  • The ICD-10 Compliance Date is October 1, 2014.
  • One of the largest problems following the October 1, 2014 implementation date for ICD-10 will be documentation insufficient to support the specificity required for the new ICD-10 code sets.
  • Career opportunity: ICD-10 Coders will be in high demand.


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