$14.6 Billion in MU Incentives Paid

  • What: As of the end of April, the federal government has paid out $14.6 billion in EHR incentive payments.
  • Who: Robert Anthony, deputy director of the HIT Initiative Group at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' Office of E-Health Standards and Services.
  • Why: At a Health IT Policy Committee meeting, Anthony said the numbers were the most current available and show an increasing number of providers are interested in the program. There were 395,000 eligible providers and hospitals in "active registration" in the federal meaningful use program — out of a total pool of 532,000. Though Medicaid providers lag behind Medicare providers in the program, CMS is encouraged by the steady increase in Medicaid-eligible providers signing up to participate. To date, there are some 13,000 Medicaid meaningful users. "We're seeing more and more come in month-to-month," Anthony said. "In April, 3,200 came in and demonstrated meaningful use."
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